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平衡單車是專門為幼童而設, 無腳踏的設計能讓幼童輕鬆掌握在單車上的平衡技巧和身體協調。比用輔助轆更安全, 更容易及更有效地掌握踏兩輪單車的技巧!


為何選擇Balance Bike?


- 極輕盈(6.9磅)能讓小朋友輕鬆控制單車

- 可調校式座位及手柄適合1½歲至5歲的幼童

- 獲專利設計的Footrest為幼童提供雙腳休息位置

- 獨特設計簡化單車組裝程序, 一般也可在5分鐘內完全組裝



- 無腳踏式設計令幼童先專注學習平衡

- 無單車鍊或任何配件阻礙雙腳跑動或增加受傷風險

- 提供有效安全及自然的過渡期至學習有腳踏單車

- 配備防刺穿的EVA聚合物胎令單車更輕盈耐用




Why Balance Bike?
Talior-made Design for Kids

- Ultra light weight (6.9 pounds) and very easy for kids to control

- Adjustable seat and handlebars fits 1 ½ to 5 years old children 
- Patented  footrests provide a place for children’s feet while coasting along
- Unique no-tool design allows bike to be assembled in less than 5 minutes

Free of  Harmness 
- Simple pedal-less design that allows young children to focus solely on learning balance first
- Free of cables, chains, sprockets, pedals or protrusions that can harm a child
- Provides for an efficient, smooth and natural transition to a pedal bike
- Outfitted with puncture-proof EVA polymer tires that are maintenance-free and lightweight
- Durable, steel frame and fork for years of service


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