2017 HK StriderCup Round2

This is our first time to cooperate with Taipo Balance Bike Club. We are so excited to arrange at their venue in Taipo and see many Taipo Kids.

日期:4-Jun-2017 時間:09:30 - 16:00 地點:新界大埔大埔頭大埔頭徑1號 大埔頭及水圍青少年中心 報名費 : (毋須租借STRIDER之參加者) $200 包括 入場費、報名費、證書、獎牌 (各組別前3名可獲得獎盃) (須租借STRIDER之參加者)$250 包括 入場費、租借一架Strider作比賽及練習之用, (!!可全程租用Strider至活動完結!! )、報名費、證書、獎牌 (各組別前3名可獲得獎盃) 租借STRIDER的數量有限,先到先得,請盡快登記! 預計比賽時間: 2,4歲組上午舉行, 3,5歲組下午舉行 截止報名日期: 2017年5月17日 22:00 https://goo.gl/forms/GPnsA3T3FvDbY37D2 請註意:!!! 除 STRIDER 品牌的平衡單車以外,主辦單絕對不容許其他品牌的平衡單車/2輪單車/輔助輪腳踏車參加 STRIDER CUP,希望大家合作及諒解!! Date:4-Jun-2017 Time: 09:30 - 16:00 Venue:HK Jockey Club International BMX Park 91 Kwai Hei Street, Kwai Chung Enrollment Fee : (For Strider kids): $200 Include Entry fee, Certificate and Medal. Trophies for winners. (For Non-Strider kids): $250 Including 1 bike rental fee. (Strider can be rental for the whole event), Entry fee, Certificate and Medal. Trophies for winners. Estimated time of competition: 2,4yo group @ am , 3,5yo group @ pm Registration Deadline: 22:00, 17-May-2017 Registration : https://goo.gl/forms/GPnsA3T3FvDbY37D2 Act fast, we only have limited rental bikes. Booking will be allocated on first come first serve basis. !!! Please note that we will not accept other balance bike/ Bicycle/ Bike with supporting wheels to join STRIDER Cup. Thank you for your corporation and understanding.!!! ************************************************************************ On-site Registration Only! Super STRIDER 16inch "Charity" Racing (Including rental bike fee) 6yo or above including mommy & daddy Fee: $50 Please apply with participate's name and please apply each participate. Age Group 2yo A Boy: 5-Jun-2014 ~ 4-Dec-2014 2yo B Boy : 5-Dec-2014 ~ 4-Jun-2015 2yo Girl : 5-Jun-2014 ~ 4-Jun-2015 3yo A Boy : 5-Jun-2013 ~ 4-Dec-2013 3yo B Boy : 5-Dec-2013 ~ 4-Jun-2014 3yo Girl : 5-Jun-2013 ~ 4-Jun-2014 4yo : 5-Jun-2012 ~ 4-Jun-2013 (Boys and Girls separate) 5yo : 5-Jun-2011 ~ 4-Jun-2012 (Boys and Girls separate) 6yo : 5-Jun-2010 ~ 4-Jun-2011 (Boys and Girls separate) *5yo and 6yo will be conbined Rundown (To be Confirmed..... ) 9:00 Registration start 16:00 Event Finish