STRIDER Family Racing 親子比賽 and Try-out 試玩 at S.Culture 香港單車挑戰賽

STRIDER Family racing Round1 This fun racing for all Strider families. Its not only for Kids, We parents participates the race together with your kids! and its free to join! Family Racing 親子比賽 -Free to join, Need registration. -1 kid and 1 parent will be a team. -Kids age should be 2-5yo. -Kids must have a own STRIDER Bike 12 inch, We provide Adult 20 inch Strider Bike for racing. -No age group.Different track length by kid's age. -3 trophies for winners. TRY-out 試玩 -Free to join, No Need registration, pls. just pop over. -A gift for pre-order Strider Bike or any Accessories. -Only pre-order. No purchase on the venue. Date : 9-Nov-2014 (Sun) 9am-12pm Venue : 香港科學園 (創新路) Science Park, Next to Fo Yin Road & Chong Sun Road

Fee : FREE Registration for Family Racing

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