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🤘🏼🤘🏼 我們提供一項非常貼心的服務,凡在本舖購買單車及平衡車,除幫調較合適騎行姿勢外更會指導小朋友如何正確地學習及提供場地試車!務求在遊玩中得到肌肉的段練.        歡迎大家預約+85298283029 Whatsapp.

Free Try-out and Lesson. We highly recommend you to contact us for try-out. Even your kids have never tried any bikes, No problem. Our Coach Pirro to introduce your child how to ride at our shop in Kwai Chung. Whatsapp +85298283029

Chewy and Brian organise English bike class,  "Rider Early Learning Program" since 2013. Kids balance bike class or individual lessons for balance bike and pedal bike. Pls see more information at the Website or Facebook.


Tips for the Parents..

How to teach your Child to ride


1. 調教好單車至適合你孩子的身形!調教座位是最關鍵的部份, 隨後是手柄的高度。調教座位的高度最好是褲襠與座位之間的距離少於一吋, 坐下時雙膝會微微屈曲, 腳掌能舒服及平坦地接觸地面。手柄高度則根據座位的高度比例調教。為配合孩子成長速度, 最好每隔數月調整一次。

1. Adjust the bike properly to fit the child! Saddle height is the most critical adjustment, followed by handlebar height. Set the saddle height so the child’s feet are flat on the ground and both knees have a slight bend in them when seated. A good starting point is 1” less than the child’s inseam. Set the handlebar height with respect to the saddle. If the saddle is at its lowest setting, set the handlebar also to its lowest setting, etc. Kids grow quickly. Be sure to adjust the bike every couple months.


2. 成為他的專屬啦啦隊,並非教練。多鼓勵及稱讚孩子, 幫助他們逐漸地建立信心, 慢慢他們便能自由自在地享受單車的樂趣。

2. Be a Cheerleader, Not a Coach. Children will instinctively throw a leg over the Strider and want to go. Encourage them to do this and give them praise for any amount of time they spend on the Strider.


3. 讓孩子按自己的節奏學習。有些孩子數分鐘便能夠在單車上自如地跑動, 有些則可能需要數星期才能掌握。他們需要時間適應在單車上的感覺, 他們慢慢會由只相信自己雙腳的平衡感過至坐在座位上平衡感(雙腳離地)。不管怎樣請讓孩子按照自己的節奏學習, 讓他們真正享受單車帶來的樂趣。

3. Let the Child Set the Pace. Some kids jump on the bike and go, go, go. Other kids are more cautious; some may not even sit on the seat at first. This is OK! Their security is in their feet at this point, and we want them to feel secure. As they get comfortable walking around with the bike between their legs and working the handlebar, they will start to ‘trust’ the saddle. Some kids get to this point within minutes, others may take weeks but all will eventually get there. Striding is attained when they transition from 100% of their trust in their feet to 100% of their trust in the saddle (feet off the ground and balancing). Let them transition at their own pace... they’ll be striding along with feet up on the footrests before you know it!


4. 支持/扶持你的小孩,不是單車!我們經常不自覺地希望以扶持單車的方法幫助孩子學習平衡, 但其實這絕對不是一個有效的方法。孩子必須自己感受在單車上的傾斜感, 從而學習如何用手協調單車平衡。若孩子需要安全感的話, 我們建議你在他身旁, 輕輕扶持着他們的背部給他們支持及安全感。
4. Support the child - NOT the bike! We instinctively want to help the child by holding onto the bike to keep it from tipping; don’t do this. The child must be allowed to feel the bike tip sideways to be able to learn how to keep it from tipping. If the adult supports the bike when it tips to one side, the child mistakenly thinks that the most stable place for the bike is tipped over to the side. If the child needs assurance, we suggest you walk next to them and hang onto the back of their shirt so that they can feel safe.

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