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Chewy教練近期是Rory Meek, World No.3 BMX Champion的私人教練。Rory及其弟弟Toby也會定期跟Chewy練習BMX及落山賽賽事。「能夠成為Rider早期學習課程的教練是一件我感到非常鼓舞的事。我深信一個健康及好動的生活方式對於小孩來說是極為重要。能夠把我的經驗、熱誠及英語教學融入這個課程,從而令香港的小孩有更全面的發展,對於我來說絕對是一件賞心樂事!」


"I began riding at 4 years of age and never looked back. I have always ridden my bikes for enjoyment and try to be the best advocate for the sport I can be by encouraging everyone young and old to get involved at all levels."

Coach Chewy have recently coached the World No.3 BMX CHAMPION, 6 year old Rory Meek. Rory and his brother Toby regularly train with him in both BMX and Downhill racing. 

"I am very happy to be a part of the Rider Early Learning Program and believe a healthy and active lifestyle is essential for the development of all children. It is so nice to incorporate my passion, language training and biking experience into a program that develops the kids of Hong Kong!"
Coach Chewy is not only a professional coach, but also a extremely competitive rider in Hong Kong. Below are his remarkable race results from the past few years.

Holding UCI Level 1, Hong Kong Balance Bike Association Certificates Level 1, 2 & Trainer accreditations & HK S.C.R.C approved.

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[ CHAMPION 2013 ]
Downhill Masters Hong Kong 

[ CHAMPION 2013]
Hong Kong Masters Festival of Sport

[ CHAMPION 2013] 
Age & Open BMX Open Class Overall Champion 
[ CHAMPION 2012-2013 ]
Hong Kong Open BMX Round 6-10

[ CHAMPION 2012 ]
Shenzen China Maluan Shan DH Race

[ CHAMPION 2012 ]
Hong Kong Open BMX Round 2

[ CHAMPION 2011 ]
Hong Kong International BMX Challenge Round 2 & 4

[ CHMAPION 2011 ]
Hong Kong International BMX Pro Race Round 2

[ CHAMPION 2010]
DZ Dirt Rocks Event Senior Men

[ CHAMPION 2010 ]
Hong Kong International BMX Cuiser Class BMX

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