Buying a bike for your child

Please read before you purchase a bike...

Riding a bike is probably the most fun thing when I was a kid. I grew up in Japan, all kids need to learn to ride bikes then we go anywhere we wanted. It gives us a pure free spirit to enjoy life. 


If you have 1-3 yo kids

Nowadays Balance bikes getting a new standard for toddlers. a 12-inch balance bike is a great 2 wheels for your child 1st bike. The balance bike doesn't contain training side wheels. Training wheel won't help kids to built balance. It is more like walking with a bike for start, Then kids start running. It is a very difficult motor skill for kids to pedal and balance at the same time. so It focuses on balance before paddling. The best age to lean balance is 1-5yo. Some lightweight balance bikes such as Strider comes with EVA tires. They are lightweight tires but they are slippery on the tile surface which is around your residential building in HK. Probably rubber tire would be much safer for most of the ground conditions.

If you have 4-5yo kids

That's the best time to start pedalling. It would be much easy to transfer from a balance bike to a pedal bike. because kids do know balance already, they only need to pedal a bike and watch where he goes. 

14 ~ 18-inch bikes would be ideal for kids 4-6yo. depends on height. It's very important to pick the right size for your child. Please try many bikes. You will find the best one for your child. 

If your child never tried a balance bike before, we recommend you consider our bike package. You just buy a pedal bike and you can rent a balance bike for free practice. Pls call us, bring your child to our centre, we look after your child to ride a bike. 


If you have 6~8yo kids who never introduced bikes...

This is the kind of last chance to learn riding very easily. Somehow young kids are better than adults or teens. All kids can ride, It is our (Parents) responsibility to introduce the right bike with the right coaching. Please feel free to call us. We are here for your child. 


If your child enjoys riding.

Maybe, it's time for you to ride a bike. Let's get your bike and a helmet then ride together with your child. There are many good bicycle paths in Hong kong. Please contact us if you don't have bikes. we have some rental bikes and helmets also. 




-Pick the right size bike for your child height. 

-We recommend an Aluminium bike if you live near the ocean or beach. Steel bikes get rust by the salty sea breeze.

-Tires for the balance bike: Pls double-check where your child will play with the balance bike. Rubber tires would be safer even it is a bit expensive.

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