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We are parents and riders.

Our company DLR Co., Ltd. is a very international team of parents and families. Moms, Dads, kids and a young single guy. We are from Japan, Australia and HK. We live in different countries, NZ, Taiwan and HK. Our passion is kids and bike riding. We love to inspire kids and encourage them to ride bikes & enjoy life.


- About Brand "Dirty Little Riders"

"Dirty Little Riders" is our brand . After many years kids bikes distribution, we would love to establish own design products. 

-Kwai Chung Shop and Mobile bike service.

We sell bikes and teach kids how to ride at our indoor shop in Kwai Chung. We also deliver assembled bikes for your door or any park near you. Call us 98283029.

-Learning Program

Riders teach your children. We recommend Rider early leaning program in HK. Click here to see HK Rider coaches.


We arrange try-out events or kids racing events. Unfortunately, Its been quite due to the Covit-19...


We love co-operate with many good brands in the world. We have been acting as distributor around HK,Taiwan or Asia since 2011. Currently we work with below brands in HK & Macau.

Thule, Cratoni, Reid, Cleary Bikes,Yotsuba Cycle, Kuwahara Bikes, Daddylab, Little Rider Co.,

We retail Merida, Cannondale, NUTCASE Helmet

Pls contact us if you need information for wholesale or sponsorship.